we all make mistakes
Two brothers in Crete were suddenly found to be the sons of two fathers

Low rates of drug use in Greece

Greek Christmas Glendi, a personal memory of the Christmas and New Years' Celebrations in Crete by Maria Daskalaki

A 24-year-old inhabitant of Agia Galini knifed a 29-year-old Georgian for the sake of a girl from Uzbekistan

The International Green Week is an international exhibition for the food, agricultural, and horticultural industries in Berlin

Rise in cancer in the village of Anogia and high percentage of obesity in Messara in South Crete

Rain causes more problems at Heraklion Archaeological Museum

A baby-selling gang operating in Heraklion was broken up after many months of police investigation

Pythia's Oracles Horoscope for February 2006

Bins for glass collection and recycling were recently set out in Chania, as an extension of the recycling service already available for paper and aluminium

Letters to the editor of the Crete Gazette sent in January 2006

Washing-up liquid shots in Chania bar send 6 men to hospital

Lucky man in Heraklion wins Ten Million Euro!

Chinese multinational is interested in opening a casino in the Heraklion area

Lecture about the language of the Minoans at the Cretan Literature Center

6.9 Richter earthquake which shook the whole island of Crete in January 2006

dimitris nanopoulos
The Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete decided to present its annual award to the distinguished University of Texas professor, Dimitris Nanopoulos

Flora Cretica is a charitable trust for the protection and study of the wild flowers of Crete

The 11,250 olive trees belonging to Mr Terzakis, from the village of Rotasi in Crete, are spread across Attica, Corfu, Macedonia, the Cyclades and practically the whole of Greece

The public launch of eu domain names on April 7th marks an important horizon for Europe's internet users