Cretan wine-tasting evening at the Stomatologic Society of Crete

By Yannis Samatas

January is the month when various societies get together to cut their New Year’s cake. The Stomatologic Society, too, gathered its members to celebrate the New Year. The event was combined with a lecture by the well-known oenologist Mr Douloufakis, on Cretan wine, its history and useful tips on wine-tasting.

wine tasting

– Dr. Nikos Filipou, president of the Stomatologic Society of Crete (left) – – Mr. Nikos Douloufakis, oenologist (right) –

The Stomatologic Society of Crete is a scientific association whose members include dentists, orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists and other specialists from the wider field of dentistry. The purpose of the Society is the presentation of original papers or research projects, as well as the discussion of scientific issues within the Dental Sciences. The Society maintains its own website at:

The members of the Society had the chance to try many Douloufakis wines, such as sweet Malvasia (Malmsey), from a grape variety that had vanished from Crete but is gradually making a comeback thanks to the efforts of various winegrowers. There were also white Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, and red Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

wine tasting

The wonderful tastes and the opportunity for a quiet chat among colleagues made for a fun atmosphere and a very successful evening.

dentists heraklion

– Dr. Maria Bilanaki and Dr. Stelios Hatzakis –

dentists in Heraklion enjoying wines of Crete

– Dr. Maria Alexaki and Dr. Giorgos Michelinakis –

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