New wind park in west Crete

New wind park near Kissamos

wind generatorA new, eleven-generator wind park has started operations in west Crete, at the borders of Kissamos municipality. The park, built by the French company DEF, is the first wind park in west Crete, as opposed to east Crete where wind generators have been installed for years. Each wind generator can produce up to 850 KWH, bringing the new park’s total output to 9.3MW.

Six further permits have been approved for new wind parks in west Crete. The Ministry of Development has given Crete priority concerning mild forms of energy. Crete especially lends itself to energy production from wind and the Ministry is furthering the realisation of a project which will allow a major part of the island’s electricity needs to be met by wind generators. Particularly today, with the international rise in liquid fuel prices, it is vital for Greece to be less dependent on oil imports.

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