Low rates of drug use in Greece


According to a recent European survey, Greece has the lowest rates of drug use in the EU. The annual report by the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Drugs (ESPAD) showed that:

  1. 3% of Greeks aged 15-34 have used cannabis
  2. 0.25% have used ecstasy
  3. 0.2% have used cocaine.

The Czech Republic, on the contrary, has the highest rates:

  • cannabis use: 22%
  • ecstasy use: 5%
  • cocaine use: 5.5%

According to another survey, 95% of Greeks are against the legalisation of heroin, while 81% are against the legalisation and free sale of cannabis.

One in two Greeks (51%) believes that drug use should be a criminal offence. 25% believe the opposite, while 19% believe in a case-by-case approach

Interestingly, in answer to the question whether they would employ a former drug user, eight out of ten employers answered no, because they would be worried about the person’s trustworthiness and reliability at work.


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