Cretan farmer owns 11,250 olive trees

The 11,250 olive trees belonging to Mr Terzakis, from the village of Rotasi in Crete, are spread across Attica, Corfu, Macedonia, the Cyclades and practically the whole of Greece. Unfortunately, however, they only exist on paper, due to a tragicomic bureaucratic error. Even weirder, his records show thousands of olive trees across Greece but not the few trees he actually owns in his village.

The bureaucratic error nearly lost him the subsidy he is legally entitled to, but fortunately the service responsible recognised the obvious mistake and corrected it. “Imagine how many workers I’d need to gather all those olives”, said Mr Terzakis. He has kept the copy of his records as a souvenir, and will be dining out on his story in the village cafe for years to come.

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