Crete, April 2036

April 2036 in Crete

By Vita Voreaki

crete future

At Kriti Crossing I now know which way to go to get the local train. While I wait for my train to Kriti City I remember the old days around the Millenium when arriving in Kriti, a man would wait for me with a car. How could I do that? Why didn’t I think of the pollution at that time? It really is better now with the electric trains and el-moto’s. And as most of electricity comes from solar power one might hope that this island don’t get more polluted than it was about 20 years ago.

Inside my appartment in Building Row no. 6, on 16th floor, I turn on my PS (personal server) to check cam and voice-messages that I have filtered out from my little portable wrist-PS. “For members of Former Kriti Explorers”. Aha, something interesting. What do they offer this time? I look at the screen as the message comes: “Join a tour to Area of Akrotiri near Chania. Personal guidance by a Kritikos (Cretan) around outside Kriti City.” I remember Akrotiri from when I was young. There once was a big airport. The area is now used by the young people wheel-skiing and other kinds of exercise. One of the very old monastery-buildings might still be there. I press the “participate” on the screen and it’s is marked in my calendar. I make an extra note for that day: “Honey”. The best honey comes from Akrotiri. I already look forward to a tour with a real guide instead of listening to a voice from a chip inserted in my wrist-PS.

“Protect The Greek Language And Letters. Say your name after the message and it will be delivered directly to the Genuin Area Office in Zurich”. Standardization was carried through 10 years ago. Nevertheless, I agree that the old Greek language is part of old Europe’s history and should never be forgotten.

“To grandmom from Ion. Can I stay with you this the weekend?”. Ion is my grandchild. As answer I press the OK on the screen – Ion will understand. He knows that all this technology isn’t her grandmother’s strongest side. I will take him with me on the tour to Akrotiri. Too bad the tour wasn’t to Samaria. I really want to show Ion how Kriti was when I was the same age as he is now. But would Ion appreciate a walk through Samaria, or would he prefer just to use the electric train we once called The Funny Train?

I search on my PS for local news. Nothing special. I have filtered Asia out (mainly misery from there) so I only get news from Great Europe, a bit from US – and of course all the gossip. “Election For Nature Office”. Some Moskovitis (from Moscow) I have never have heard about wants to represent Kriti area. Doesn’t he know the rules? After a man a woman must be elected. And besides I prefer an Anglida (English) representative, as many of them have lived on the island for more than 30 years now. I think a woman is able to do the job better. Messages deleted.

In a few hours it is time to go to the dining room to eat. Not many of the appartments have big kitchens anymore. Everybody get the recommended quality time together this way. Later I will take a swim in the pool on top of the building. I don’t mind paying extra for this facility. I check my wrist-PS to make sure that some mistaken server hasn’t deleted me from the pool database.

Now a bit of rest will be good! I find the theme-server from where they play old music. Well, isn’t it amazing: Eleni with “My Number One”. That song is truly what we once called an evergreen. Maybe I should use that particular song as calling sound on my PS as I am the only one to answer.

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