International Prayers Day in Crete

The International Prayers Day is a worldwide movement of Christian women, who pray together on the first Friday of March. It is an ecumenical movement that brings together women of various races, cultures and traditions in closer fellowship, understanding and action throughout the year. This is the biggest ecumenical movement in the world . It started in North-America at 1927. Last year the theme came from Poland, this year it came from South-Africa, while next year it will come from Paraguay. After the prayer, all participants have lunch together.

prayers day in Ierapetra Crete

International Prayers Day was celebrated in Ierapetra in southern Crete this year. For the second year the Orthodox Church of Afendis Christos was offered for this purpose. The religious event was organised by the group STEKI, an international group in Ierapetra with 74 members from 19 different nations.

Twenty two women, men and children (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestants and Atheists) joined their prayers together in Hungarian, Norwegian, Greek, English and German. Everyone agreed that they spent a good and important time together with each other and God.

It was a beautiful service. The people of STEKI are looking forward to the next year’s Prayers Day and they want to say a big Thank You to everybody that helped them in their noble effort.

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