Pythia’s Oracles Horoscope for January 2006

Your Horoscope for January 2006

aries zodiac

January is the month when you must learn to depend on yourself. Keep friendships separate from work matters and avoid permanent solutions to problems concerning old relationships and friendships. Also avoid making important business agreements because much will change in future. As far as love is concerned, January just doesn’t seem to be your month.

taurus zodiac

This month, get yourself a social life and meet people at parties, events or anywhere else you happen to be. Your new friends and acquaintances may prove useful later on and you will emerge from the shell you’ve been hiding in recently. You can do it – you’ve got good qualities, are full of bright ideas and people like you. Limit your appetite to avoid piling on the pounds and avoid angry outbursts.

gemini zodiac

For the first month of the new year, start with making a clean sweep of the unresolved business you’ve been lumbered with over the past few months, whether in money matters or relationships. Stride forward into the future, leaving the past behind you and demanding what you’re worth, even if you have to look elsewhere.

cancer zodiac

This is an important month for relationships. Self-analysis is necessary in order to understand what you actually want from them. Relax and try to be less critical of your partner. If your ambition leads you to set yourself higher targets, you had better think about what would really make you feel better and try for that.

leo zodiac

January is not a good time for new relationships or partnerships. In general, watch your back for people you may try to take advantage of you. It will take a lot of patience and hard work to succeed. Stay true to your aims and avoid unnecessary expenses and luxuries. Also, avoid sentimentality. This is generally a time for work and logical organisation in your life.

gemini zodiac

Enjoy this month without worrying about financial or work consequences. Enjoy the presents you give yourself and others, a fun trip and a romantic relationship. Don’t worry about past matters you can’t correct, write down your creative ideas and let things take their course.

libra zodiac

This is the start of a constructive year, even if there are quite a few unresolved issues you need to take care of at once. You may need to spend some money this month to set a few things in order. This may make you pessimistic, but it’s just the beginning – you need to reject negative thoughts.

scorpio zodiac

You are entering a positive phase as far as money matters and relationships are concerned. It’s time the efforts and toil of the past months were rewarded. You now need to take stock and set future priorities. Turn to yourself, discuss your real needs and try to find ways of making your life simpler and more enjoyable.

sagitarius zodiac

You are surrounded by people who love and care about you, while the planets are exercising a positive influence on your financial affairs and possible investments. Avoid unfamiliar paths and be more conservative for most of the month. If you want to try new paths, ideas and practices, wait until the end of January.

capricorn zodiac

The planets are starting the year in the best possible way for you. It’s up to you whether you exploit this positive climate. Consider that this is the beginning of a new year and it may be time for new things. Learn from past mistakes and start making plans for future changes which will bring renewal into your life.

aquarius zodiac

The new year is here and you need to have a good clear out. Clean your house, if you haven’t already before the holidays, your thoughts, your relationships, everything! Put things in their place, because we often make mountains out of molehills. Try some self-criticism and think of the changes you need to make you feel happier and more fulfilled. However demanding they are, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover hidden resources of strength and stamina.

pisces zodiac

Have you got something you no longer need and want to get rid of? Sell it! Is there something hurtful in your past that you can no longer do anything about? Leave it behind you in the past where it belongs, and stop carrying it around with you. The time has come for a radical renewal. Your best friends will be your allies – you should listen to them carefully, as they may show you things you can’t see for yourself.

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