14-year-old Bulgarian girl for sale at 3,000 euros

Bulgarian girl moved to Crete for better life but met the cruelty of her aunt

A 14-year-old girl from Bulgaria moved to Greece for a better life. She came to Crete to live with her aunt in Tavronitis, Chania. At first her aunt found her work picking olives, but it seems that her “ambitions” for her niece were far higher. She put it about that she wanted to “sell” the girl to a nightclub, ensuring a career in prostitution for the teenager.

The news reached the police. A police officer pretending to be a customer and nightclub owner brokered a deal with the aunt for 3,000 euros, which he paid in marked banknotes. The aunt was arrested and taken before the public prosecutor, while the 14-year-old will be returned to her country, in accordance with her own wishes.

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