Crete Aquarium opens at Gournes

Thalassokosmos is the name of CretAquarium and it means Sea World

aquarium crete100 different forms of marine life and 1800 fish and other marine organisms are on view in 1,500,000 litres of sea water, in 32 tanks with 50 viewing points, at the CretAquarium (Thalassocosmos).

On Sunday 18 December, the largest aquarium in the southeast Mediterranean opened its doors to the public. The CretAquarium is the first aquarium built in Greece by Greeks. The country’s other aquarium, in Rhodes, was constructed by Italians over 80 years ago.

The CreteAquarium has been designed with attention to every detail and its tanks attempt to imitate the marine environment of Crete. Visitors before summer will not see the final picture of the aquarium. This is because everything is being done gradually so as not upset the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

The first visitors will be able to see only 10% of the final picture, although even this is impressive in itself. The three sharks from an aquarium in the south of France may draw the attention of young and old alike, but the special cameras in the tanks are equally impressive, allowing visitors to observe details of marine life otherwise impossible to view.

The Crete Aquarium, apart from being a huge attraction for Crete bringing financial benefits from local visitors and tourists, also provides information on marine life and will be a valuable tool for scientists and marine researchers. For the first time in Crete, it will be easy to observe and record the secrets of sea creatures in an environment very close to their natural habitat.

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