Man saved by his dogs

79-year-old saved by his dogs

Manolis Aggourakis, a 79-year-old man from Chondros in Viannos, was saved by his two dogs when health problems left him unable to move in an isolated location

dogsMr Aggourakis, a keen hunter, left home on Sunday morning with his shotgun and two dogs. At some distance from the village, he suddenly felt dizzy and unwell and unable to stand up. He was in an isolated spot and had left his mobile phone at home, so was unable to call for help.

Aggourakis’ relatives, thinking that he had gone to pick olives, did not begin to worry for 48 hours. They then started a search for him with friends and police officers. When they reached the area where the elderly man was, they heard the dogs barking. One of the dogs had remained with his helpless owner, while the other found the rescue party and brought them to him.

The dogs had not only stayed with their owner all this time, but even tried to follow him after he had been placed on a stretcher for transport to Heraklion University Hospital.

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