5th Mediterranean Cooking and Pastry-making Competition in Crete

cooking pastryThe 5th Mediterranean Cooking, Pastry-making and Artistic Creation Competition was organised successfully by the Chefs Club of Crete. The President, Mr Miliaras, declared himself fully satisfied with the high level of professional and amateur participation, with impressive quality gastronomic creations.

There were 250 participants in total, including chefs from Cyprus and Israel. Contestants had to choose between 25 categories; gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded in each category. It was generally admitted that the flavours were excellent, making the judging committee’s work difficult.

“We would like to believe that Cretan cooking will gradually achieve the place it deserves”, stressed Mr Miliaras, while promising that the next competition, to be held in two years’ time, will be crowned with even greater success.

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