Letters to the Editor, January 2006

January 2006

Dear Editor
I came across your website, and I was thoroughly engaged with your publication. As a native of Chania Crete living in the United States, it was interesting to read about Crete (Pros/Cons) with a different twist. A Job well done

John Sigiotzakis,

Dear John,
Thank you for your comments. I hope you will enjoy the coming January issue as well -)
If you do, please recommend the Crete Gazette to your friends and other Cretans in your town.

The Editor

Dear Editor,
While we understand the reasons behind the sale of the Crete Gazette we are sorry that Lou will no longer be the driving force behind it.

We would like to congratulate him on the success which started as a hobby to pass the time but with Lou’s enthusiasm hard work and a eye for the newsworthy material the paper soon expanded.We will miss the thought provoking articles the humour and the local gossip.

We hope that Lou will still maintain an interest in the gazette and we would like to take this opportunity to wish Yianni and his colleagues good luck for the future and we look forward to the next edition.

With many thanks to Lou & good luck to Yianni.
from Tony & Christine Bowes
Neraida Restaurant,
Kokkini Hani.

Dear Tony and Christina,

Thank you for reminding us how much Lou Duro, the founding editor, has done to build up this title,having the vision to see the potential in an English language publication and the stamina to realise that vision. We can only try to maintain Lou’s dedication to the ideal of an ‘independent voice’,giving a forum for English speakers in Crete. We sincerely hope that Lou will continue to add his own distinct contributions to the Gazette.

The Editor

Dear Yannis,
After having read the article about the tourism awards I sat back for a while, more or less confused and with ambivalent thoughts.

My memories went back to the late 70th when I first visited Crete and instantly fell in love with the rough beauty of the island and the kindness and hospitality of the Cretans . I travelled the island and found my bliss in the still rural and innocent lifestyle of the south. From east to west.

Through the years our love has grown and so did the tourist business.It brought prosperity to the people who saw the writing on the wall, no not the wall in Kazantzakis house, a spin off of the ones who didn’t and managed to slowly diminish Crete’s lack of sophistication. Limín Chersonísou became the “Lloret del Mar” of Crete and Elounda (thanks to the ferryman) an English orientated mundane resort. But still enough of the old charm of the island was reflected in the mountains, hidden as they are, and the part beyond them.

After having finished my contemplations I thought of the little heaven on earth in Makrigialos ; Aspros Potamos, this beautiful, and with love restored, group of houses glued to the slopes of the Dikti Mountains. I suddenly realized I was glad it’s only reward was for it’s solar system.

Take care and keep us readers sharp,
Wim Aleven

Dear Wim,
thank you for your insights, and we have also contemplated the many changes seen over the years, here in Crete, and elsewhere.There is always a price to pay for progress, and in Crete it can seem a very high one. We will look at those changes in the Gazette,sometimes with sadness, but also with hope that Crete will always have a wealth of undiminished charm and hidden beauty.

The Editor

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