Heraklion Meeting on Multiple Sclerosis

Pregnancy reduces relapses in women suffering from multiple sclerosis

pregnant womanA meeting held at Heraklion at the end of November revealed that there are about 500 MS sufferers in Crete. At the same meeting, it was announced that pregnant women suffering from the condition do not show signs of worsening, as believed until now, but on the contrary have fewer relapses. It is thought that this is due to high oestrogen levels during pregnancy.

According to Dr Vassilis Mastrodimos, head of the MS ward at the University Hospital of Crete, relapses may present a slight temporary increase during the first three months of pregnancy, but this is treated with drugs that are completely harmless for the newborn and there is no problem with breastfeeding.

Scientific research into this condition, which afflicts about 80 in 100,000 people in Crete, continues and it is believed that new drugs to improve the progress of the disease will be developed in the next five years.

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