Recipe for Kolokithokeftedes (Courgette Balls)


kolokithokeftedesIt was an easy, yet impressive choice to make. Kolokithokeftedes are fried patties of mashed courgettes or zucchini (kolokithia), other vegetables depending on preference, flour and egg to stick the mix together.

The keftedes, or “fried balls” as we try not to say in Crete, are made with a variety of ingredients, are usually utterly delicious, and take only about 20 minutes from start to finish.

They are served as a meze, and are best eaten hot. Bite through a slightly crisp, brown outer coat and discover the meltingly soft, light yet sticky, interior. You love them. We love them too, so here is the recipe, courtesy of Dimitris Kayabis, a favourite host in Heraklion.

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