Ukranian artists in Heraklion

Paradise of Colors: Ukranian artists in Heraklion

An exhibition of painting with the title “Paradise of Colours” took place in Heraklion at the Gate of Saint George, in Plateia Eleftherias. The exhibition lasted from the 11th till the 20th of November and included work of artists from Upper Ukraine. Among those participating were: Gladgagia-Gladi, Zosan, Kampis, Kiskourno, Koudfiavtseva, Daria, Diatlof, Doubour, among many others.

ukranian painting

The representative of Ukraine’s Artistic Unions in Greece and also consultant of the cultural demonstrations of the Ukrainian embassy Mrs. Eirina Kravtsiouk says:
“With the collaboration of the Local Public Services we have organised this exhibition, advancing a programme by our embassy of peoples’ interaction and co-aquaintance, We believe that the peaceful coexistence of people is achieved faster and easier through art. So we correspond with the Municipalities, they propose to us some locations and if they are proper –like the Gate of Saint George or, in the future, the Basilica of Saint Mark– the exhibitions take place. The welcome of the local people here was very warm, but in every city or island we go to, the natives have to say only good words. In the exhibition there is the Greek Corner, dedicated to Greece’s colours and landscapes. The painters were invited from the Municipalities and had stayed here in the summers. When they have to return to their hometowns, they leave us their work, and they send us their next jobs, landscapes that they had seen, or pictures that they had left inside them upon leaving Greece. They point out that they dedicate their work in Greece with love”.

ukranian painting

And as Mr. Mixalis Aggelakis (President of the Hellenic Chamber of the Visual Arts, member of the Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Athens Committees on the Visual Arts and General Secretary of the Association of Graduates of the School of Fine Arts) commented:
“We are invited through art on a magial journey, to the Fine Art of Ukraine, and thus to get acquainted with this most beautiful country with a high level of culture of the finest people, as the Fine Art is a special language which reflects a language of ideas, feelings, the problematics of artists in particular –and also most important– the whole nation in the present historical moment”.

By Maria Daskalaki

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