Crete Events in March – April 2007

March & April 2007

Rainbow Choir in Milatos

In cooperation with the German Lutheran Church on Crete, the international Rainbow Choir (Agios Nikolaos) will celebrate an evensong in the historical cave of Milatos on Saturday, April 21st at 5 pm.

This is to remember of the tragedy in 1823 and to pray for peace in our time.
Pastor Schiller will hold a sermon in German, it will be translated into Greek and English. Everybody is welcome to participate.

Read about last year’s Evensong in Milatos cave

The Interfaith Group in Chania

The Inter-Faith Group is a forum for people of different beliefs to come together for dialogue in order to promote religious tolerance, understanding and freedom. The group is for those who consider that people of all religious traditions should be free to follow their beliefs regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

The purpose of the group is not to promote any one religion over another, but to come together and to share, listen, and talk about our own individual experiences or questions that we have in order that we might bridge the gaps that divide us.

Members will have the opportunity to present their views on particular issues and topics. Since it is only through dialogue that inter-religious understanding can be brought about, the hope is that this dialogue will contribute to understanding among religions, and ultimately peace among religions will contribute to peace among nations.

At one time the old city of Hania was home to a diverse religious community with 2 Synagogues, 3 Mosques and several Greek Orthodox Churches. However since 1920s this multiculturalism gradually waned In recent years, however, the influx of new residents to Hania by people from different ethnic groups coming to live in Crete has reversed this trend. That is why the time to meet together is now.

The group meets on the last Monday of each month in Hania, starting at 18.00p.m.

For further information contact:

– Mollie Love:Tel. 6934311657

– Alex: Tel. 28210 86286

Free Dance Courses in Heraklion

The Dance Group of the University of Crete invites you to their dance courses for 2006 – 2007:

  • Every Monday: Traditional dances of Makedonia, Epirus and Thrace
  • Every Tuesday: Argentinean Tango
  • Every Thursday: Cretan Dances

The course for Latin and Modern dance will begin later. All courses take place from 9 until 11 pm in the university building of Knossou avenue and they are free and open to everybody.

Evangelical Mass in German Language

The service takes place in Heraklion in the Catholic chapel of the Holy Cross. From the central bus station near the harbour, follow the old fortification walls easterwards, passing the shops of Captain Hook and Electro Kavelas, then turn left into the small side-street and after 50 m you will find the chapel.

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