Yachting in Greece

sailing yacht in aegean sea

The yachting sector has boomed in Greece in recent years, with good prospects of further development. Greece is considered one of the first Mediterranean countries to have seen a yachting boom, followed by France, Turkey, Italy and the former Yugoslavia.

There are about 35 yachting companies in Greece, showing a 71% rise in profits in 2004 compared to 2001.

Yachts for hire can be divided into crewed yachts over 20 metres and bare-boat up to 20 metres. There are sailboats, catamarans, motor sailing yachts and motor yachts.

Yacht charter companies usually have a fleet of boats of various types and sizes. A medium-sized company may have about 30 to 40 yachts, while large companies may have over 200.

Most Greek yachts are chartered at international yacht shows, but recently internet charters have been rising. This means that boats can be chartered directly, cutting out the middleman and increasing company profits.

Whether one wants to sail for pleasure or for high endurance sport, Greece and the Greek Islands can satisfy all expectations. Greece is considered a sailing paradise. With its many gulfs and archipelagos, Greece offers all kind of seas and winds.

Greece has more than 2000 islands and islets of which 169 are inhabited, every island with its unique beauty and charm and many bays that are only accessible by boat. A trip in the Greek seas on a pleasure bareboat, privately owned or chartered, is a unique experience.

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