Development of Omalos Plateau in Crete

The Omalos Plateau is both a historic symbol of Cretan tradition and a place of extraordinary natural beauty. Today modern infrastructure is necessary in order to meet the needs of its many visitors and provide professional survival incentives for inhabitants so they can continue to live and work there.

Chania MP Mr Christodoulakis discussed the matter with the inhabitants of Lakki village, producing seven joint proposals for the development of the Omalos Plateau

  1. 1. Protection of the Samaria National Park, the immediate priority being the establishment of a Fire Station in the Lakki area. The fire station was approved three years ago but has been delayed for unknown reasons. The station can employ local people and be housed in the old Lakki Primary School
  2. 2. Improvement of the road from Lakki to the Omalos Plateau, in order to facilitate increased traffic in summer and make access safer in winter
  3. 3. Improved water supply and irrigation on the plateau.
  4. 4. Controlled establishment of agrotourism units, respecting mountain architectural tradition and preserving the natural beauty of the landscape and unique historical features of Omalos.
  5. 5. Construction of a small, modern waste treatment station, to serve cultivation and protect the small lake nearby from environmental disaster.
  6. 6. Promotion of local products, such as olive oil or “katsounes” (traditional shepherds’ walking sticks) by the Municipality, labelled with their designation of origin.
  7. 7. The mountain refuges around Omalos should be open all year round.

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