Giant lagana in Chania

lagana breadA giant loaf of the flat Lenten bread called “lagana” was baked by the staff of the Kotsifakis Bakery in Chania.

The giant lagana measured 1.80m x 2.20m and Mr Kotsifakis presented it to the soup kitchen of the church of Agios Nikolaos in Splantzia.

Baking such a huge lagana takes art and a lot of care. 35 kg of flour, 52 kg of dough and 1.5 kg of black sesame seed went into its making. Five bakery staff put it in the oven, and the most difficult part of the process was turning it to make sure it was evenly cooked.

The giant lagana was the centre of attention of the bakery’s customers. Mr Kotsifakis had also baked a similar but smaller lagana last year.

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