Observatory in Agios Stefanos in Crete

High up in the village of Agios Stéfanos in the south-east of Crete you can view the wonders of the night sky in the private observatory Sasteria.

three telescopes in the observatory in Agios Stefanos in Crete

You can look through 3 different telescopes and it will seem like everything is floating in the palm of your hand: The moon, the stars, the planets, the Milky Way and nebulas.

In Crete there are about 300 clear nights per year, so it is easy to watch the stars almost every night.

During the day there is a opportunity to explore the surroundings and use this as an inspirational backdrop for art-workshops. Or enjoy the garden of your host while sketching and painting your very own art. All of the above with professional guidance.

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    • The public can visit these days only:

      During the οpen days the Observatory facilities can be visited from 17:00 to 23:00. Up until 20:30 the visitors have the opportunity to be guided through the Observatory’s infrastructure and follow a related presentation. After that time the telescope points to select astronomical objects and the visitors can view them through an eyepiece.


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