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Crete Aquarium becomes even better

Crete Aquarium became even more magical and impressive after a full restoration carried out over the past months. Crete Aquarium is also known as Thalassokosmos, meaning Sea World, and it depicts the Mediterranean seascape with its 60 tanks of different sizes, holding a total of 1,700,000 litres of water.

fish in crete aquariumThe spectacle in the Aquarium is upgraded and enhanced with impressive representations of natural habitats and seascapes, while the new shallow touch-tank offers the chance for children and adults to touch real sea living creatures, and feel and experiment on their complex body structures.

In Sea World, there are 100 different observation points for 2500 Mediterranean and tropic creatures and species. Total visit time for an average tour is almost 2 hours long. On the marked aquarium route, there are additional interactive applications, such as microscopes and stereoscopes, information points on the several species, and touch screens.

visitors in crete aquariumCrete aquarium gives the chance for visitors to enjoy a full insight into the Mediterranean marine ecosystem, observing creatures that range from large sharks to tiny sea horses. Underwater life is denoted, featuring impressive backgrounds from authentic Cretan seascapes, such as the Matala Rocks and the Vai deep.

The director of Aquarium, Mr. Michalis Papadakis, seems to be particularly pleased with the recent upgrades and optimization of the Aquarium. Mr. Papadakis suggests that the enhancement makes the Aquarium stand out, adding that it can finally compare with famous international Aquariums. Mr. Papadakis referred to the several informative and educational programs that take place at the Aquarium.

Educational Programs in Crete Aquarium

Four educational programs are ran by the Crete aquarium aiming at raising awareness on the Oceanic ecosystem, Bio Variety, and Sea Developments, the constant motion of the Oceans. and the evolution of the organs of the sea species and creatures.

These educational programs are specifically designed for pupils of all years in Primary and Secondary School. Programs are held in the well appointed and functional aquarium facilities under the guidance and supervision of specialists working at the aquarium. Emphasis is given to hands-on experience.

Opening Hours of the Crete Aquarium

The Crete Aquarium is open every day all year long, even on official holidays. From 1/10 to 31/5, the Aquarium is open from 9am to 7pm, while from 1/6 to 30/9, it is open daily from 9am to 9pm.

If you want additional information on the opening hours and rates of the Aquarium, you can visit the website at


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