Pan-European Day of Birds in Crete

pan european day of birds watching in ierapetraThe Center of Environmental Education in Ierapetra participated in the largest bird watching event in Europe, the Pan-European Day of Birds.

The Celebration of Birds aims at celebrating the beauty of our winged friends and also their habitat and nature in general, hoping to sensitize people and make them understand their value. The ultimate goal is to cultivate the idea of the harmonious co existence of man with his natural environment. The main activity in this celebration is bird watching, using binoculars, telescopes and more, with the help and guidance of expert ornithologists.

Anyone who wanted to get to know the magic world and the miracle of wild bird immigration had the chance to celebrate together with the Center of Environmental Education in Ierapetra the “Pan-European Day of Birds” on October 11th at the artificial lake of Bramiana.

Artificial Lake Bramiana

The artificial lake of Bramiana was constructed to cover the irrigation needs of 3,000 cultivated hectares in the region of Ierapetra and finished in 1986. It is located at the northwest of Ierapetra, 5km away towards Kalamafka. It covers a total area of 105 hectares and its content in water is 15.000.000 m3.

It is the largest wetland in South Greece; it was created almost 15 years ago but its significance grew fast because it is located in an area of great importance to the immigrating birds.

birds at the lake People of all ages who attended the Day of Birds in Bramiana Lake had the chance to spend a fascinating day close to nature, and enhance their knowledge on nature and the birds of our region.

Everyone who attended was given souvenirs, such as caps, page markers, a small guide to recognize birds and other leaflets issued by the Center of Environmental Education in Ierapetra, regarding water and energy saving. They were also given an informative four page journal on the pharmaceutical plants that grow in the region.

Several different species of birds were observed, among which the dabbling ducks, the Anas platyrhynchos, the Aythya nyroca , the Aythya ferina and more.

The Pan – European Day of Birds is an annual event that takes place in thirty European countries and is administrated by the International Birdlife International.

The events that took place in our country were organized by the Greek Ornithological Company and similar events took place in the lake of Agia close to Chania.

Artificial Lake Agia

lake ayia
More Photos of Lake Agia by Celia

Lake Agia or Ayia is also artificial and an important wetland, in which more than 200 different species of birds meet every year, in different times of the year. Lake Agia is a major station for the long trip of the immigrating birds from Europe to Africa and vice versa.

The lake of Agia is one of the last European Wetlands of the Natura 2000 Network which are protected according to the Greek and European Laws.

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