Hospice Hostel in Chania Crete

The First Hospice Hostel in Chania

The first hospice hostel will begin operating in Chania at the Therissos Municipality within 2010, as a result of the initiative of the Association of Volunteers “Orizontas”.

The Hunting Club of Chania made the announcement a few days ago, supporting the goal with 10,000 Euros.

What are hospice hostels?

Hospice hostels are accommodation hostels for those who suffer from cancer and are already at the latest stages of the disease.

The personnel of the hospice offer pharmaceutical, psychological and spiritual assistance to the sufferers.

The main goal is to take care of these people, helping them live their last days with dignity.

In Europe, this type of hospice is already established and common, receiving people who cannot stay in hospitals anymore. Of course, this is something difficult, because the hospice has to be extremely well equipped, with the necessary medical supplies and the equipment needed for the support of the sufferers.

Hospice in Chania, Crete

hospice hostel in creteAccording to the President of the Association, Mr Adontakis, the hospice will be built on land offered by the Municipality of Therissos, an area which is very close to the city of Chania.

Mr Adontakis also thanked the Hunting Club for its help and support, denoting that many local associations and clubs are interested in supporting this important initiative and project, both practically and theoretically.

Mr Adontakis said that the needs are immense and people know it, so they thank everyone who helps to make this project come true, because it is high tie that people took the initiatives in their hands in order to deal with their problems.

The Association of Volunteers “Orizontas” is operating a second hospice in Athens, for those who come to the capital from Chania.

“Whoever comes to Athens from Chania, to support a person of his family doing chemotherapy in Athens, can stay for free at the hospice.

According to the President of the 1st Hunting Club in Chania, Charalambos Marinakis, all hunting licenses were charged with 2 euros each in order to provide the needed money for the financial support of the project. Mr Marinakis said that 5,000 licenses provided the 10,000Euros given to Orizontas Association. He also mentioned that the Hunting Club always participates in philanthropic projects and missions, assisting in any financial and practical way possible, since the Club of Chania is one of the four largest clubs in Greece, with 5,040 active members.

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  1. This is useful information. My husband has to visit Piraeus from Chania for radium treatment and the cost in me visiting him is beginning to mount up.


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