Europe statue in Zakros Crete

The Statue of Europe in Zakros

europe on bullThe statue of Europe inspired by the infamous director Nikos Koundouros will be presented this coming Easter in Zakros, Crete. The statue of Europe is an artwork intending to denote the strong bonds between Greece and Europe.

The director Nikos koundouros noticed that when the European Union decided to establish the “Museum of the European People and Culture“, Greece was surprisingly missing. He managed to stall the founding of the museum, protesting and even threatening the officials.

At the same time, Koundouros and his supporters got involved in a new project to give an answer to the European officials, who claimed that Greece should not participate in the museum because it doesn’t share common borders with other countries- members of the EU.

“Greece is for us the cornerstone of the modern European civilization”, said N. Koundouros.

“In any case, the Greek roots of the name” Europe” was never an issue of doubt. There is an imaginable line connecting the European countries, starting from Strasburg to Zakros, named European Route No 4.

Following this route, we have decided to install in Zakros the statue of Europe, a forged statue made of brass with a granite base. It is actually an impressive signal that Europe starts here”.

Nikos Koundouros was the inspirer and administrator of this important and influential project.

“There are numerous artists in Crete who will laminate and forge the statue, piece by piece, in order to have it done by Easter. The officials and representatives of the EU will be invited to Crete to attend the inauguration of the statue of Europe.

The project is funded by members of the family Vardinogiannis. It is important that such a known Cretan family helps us to make this project and dream come true, proving us whenever they can that they are Greeks, they are Cretans” said Mr Koundouros about the project.

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