Charitable Offer by Heraklion Airport

Charitable Offer by Heraklion Airport

Thousands of objects and foods are left at the International Airport of Heraklion “Nikos Kazantzakis” daily, due to the ignorance or delinquency of the passengers, without ever been claimed by their owners.

luggage control in heraklion airportHuge amounts of products and items are piling up; where do these items end up and what are they exactly?

“Usually we refer to sharp items, such as pocket knives, small knives, tweezers, bobby pins, foods and drinks: honey, water, raki drink and more, which are usually in the hand luggage.

These items are kept by the officers at the airport after the security check, following the pertinent laws implemented in all airports the last three years. According to this law, passengers are not allowed to have in their hand luggage sharp items, bottles with liquids over 100ml, and all bottles are not supposed to exceed 1lt. Of course, this directive doesn’t apply to items bought at Duty Free shops, where they are sold in specific packing.

Although airport officials remind passengers what they are not supposed to have with them, there are thousands of items that end up staying with us”, denotes the security officer of Heraklion Airport, Manolis Kamilakis.

Heraklion Airport, deeds of sensibility and social consideration

All these items, which are packed and in good condition, are given to social groups and clubs in our prefecture in need, through charitable associations and welfare groups.

The initiative was taken by the officials of the Heraklion Airport, following the sensibility and social consideration of its employees.

“We are not obliged to give these items to charitable groups. We can simply dispose them to the garbage and destroy them, because this means less work for us. But we believe that it would be a shame to throw so many items away, since there people and groups that need them”, adds Mr Kamilakis.

These items are distributed these last three years to several different groups and charitable organizations, which are:

  • The Social Store of Heraklion Prefecture
  • Centre of Female Children Care of Heraklion
  • Association of Protection of Minors in Heraklion
  • The Red Cross
  • Children Town (Paidopolis) of Neapolis
  • House of Abused Women
  • Orphanage of the Church “Panagia Kalyviani”
  • KEPEP Pompias (children with special needs)
  • the Charity Fund of Agios Nikolaos in Alikarnassos
  • Senior Care House of Agia Irene Chrissovalantou
  • Centre of Special Children “Zoodohos Pigi”
  • KAPI of Alikarnassos
  • Philanthropic Association of Agios Ioannis Eleimon and more.

Sharp items are given to the authorities, and the ones considered weapons, such as club sticks are given to the police.

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