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In Spring 2010 the residents of Kritsa will be able to have access to the Internet, free of charge, thanks to the Lassithi Chamber and its Chairman, Mr Nikos Tzanopoulos, who took the decision, and to the computer networks official, Manolis Spiridakis, who contributed to the fulfillment of the project.

The antenna for the wireless internet has been placed on the top of Mt Castello, located above Kritsa Village. The establishment of the majority of machinery and electricity has already been completed, and there are only a few tasks required until the launch of the project.

Internet speed is expected to be fast and the coverage enough for the entire area. Lassithi Chamber took over the expenses, since it always assists the local Clubs and Associations, trying to support the development of the villages in Lassithi Prefecture.

The Cultural Club of Kritsa also contributed to the project, offering a small amount of the overall expenses, so that the locals and visitors of the village can connect online and search for useful pieces of information.

It is a very important project for Kritsa, ensures the technician Stathis Faitakis, reassuring the residents that there is no danger, as the antenna will not attract more lightning in the area, as feared. In any case, earth wires and lightning arrestors have been established in the region.

The residents of the village of Kritsa congratulate and thank Lassithi Chamber, as well as all the people involved to the fulfillment of this project.

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  1. Very Good! It is important that new technology will be offered to anyone who visits Kritsa and by the way – all of Crete


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