Pictures with sunsets in Crete

A selection of pictures with beautiful sunsets in Crete and settings showing the Cretan sky.

When the flowers blossom by Theophilos

A beautiful picture from the talented photographer Theofilos. Spring in Crete, with blossoming flowers and a cloudy but not menacing sky. Just as spring in Crete which starts right after February, with many sunny days that interchange with cold and cloudy days .

 pictures from spring setting in crete

Crete, Greece by J. Kern

The title “Crete, Greece” in this picture might be very generic, but it’s actually absolutely right. Is there a more characteristic image from the blue sky, the tower of a church and the blossomed bougainvillea that we see in many areas in Greece ;

 picture from Crete, Greece

Bird in Crete by dongbak

A dove, the symbol of peace, with open wings in the blue sky.

 bird, picture from Crete πουλι

Crete 2007 by gialouris75

The sun that sinks and shines like a light sphere, just before it hides behind the mountain. A simple picture which attracts our attention with the orange nuances of sunset and the intense antithesis with the mountain black.

 picure with sunset in crete 2007

Morning in Plakias in Crete by CzechR

The sun has just risen in south Crete and illuminates the first houses on the beach of Plakias. Judging by the cloudy sky the picture is not taken during summer time. A beautiful picture that could have been a painting.

 picture from Plakias

The Venetian lighthouse in Rethymnon by Theophilos

One of the most photographed sites in Crete is the Venetian lighthouse in Rethymnon, which is impressed here on an impressive and unusual picture thanks to the creative eye of Theofilos.

 picture from rethymnon, venetian lighthouse

Here’s to the nights where… by traumlichtfabrik

What can someone write about this remarkable picture? It is a very simple but very smart idea, with an impeccable technique that created this touching result. This is a picture that makes us Cretans particularly proud, because this island inspired the photographer.

 sunset on a beach in crete

A ship on the beach is a lighthouse to the sea by traumlichtfabrik

The lighthouse of Chania in a picture with purplish colors that we rarely see in similar pictures from the Venetian harbor in Chania. The artist photographer is the same as in the previous picture.

 lighthouse in the Venetian harbor in Chania.

5 thoughts on “Pictures with sunsets in Crete”

  1. A branch and the immensity.

    On the pathway
    a dry leaf and
    the scent of
    a flower that
    shines in the
    morning to
    discover your

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  2. In the sound of a stream.

    The whisper
    of a fugitive bird
    covers the sadness
    placed near an
    hedge while the
    delicate singing
    describes an
    attraction full of
    happiness: and
    there, near the
    sound of a stream,
    a white dream

    Francesco Sinibaldi


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