Greeks prefer wine

Wine is on top of the list of Greek people

choosing a greek wineAccording to recent researches, Greeks prefer drinking wine.

If you consider the wine production in Greece, it is no surprise that wine comes first in the list of preferences among Greeks, in comparison with all other alcoholic drinks.

Bottled red wine is the most popular choice in Greece, because it is considered more trustworthy, although most Greeks believe that homemade wine is the most pure one.

These are the conclusions of a research on the behavior of the Modern Greek consumers run by the Faculty of Agriculture of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.

91% of the people that participated in the research said that they drink wine and 50% of them on a regular basis.

Beer was the second most popular choice (26,8%) then ouzo (24,1%) and whisky (16,5%).

Most people, who responded that they drink wine, tend to drink up to three glasses at a time (84,1%) although most of them stop after the second glass. Just a small percentage (15,9%) drinks more than 4 glasses at a time.

The research took place basically in Thessaloniki; 400 people participated in it, both men and women, of all social classes, educated or not.

The research was run by the Ms student Nikos Sapountzis and the Professor of Agriculture Economy of the Aristotelian University, Eirini Tzimitra Kalogianni.

Greek vs Imported Wines

Most Greeks prefer local Greek wines (64,8%) and just the 0,6% prefers the imported wines, although most of the Greeks have tasted a foreign wine at least once. The ones drinking imported wines usually prefer the ones from Mediterranean countries, such as France.

Red wine is more popular compared to white, and the sparkling wines are last in the list of preferences. A large number of the participants (44,55%) responded that they have never tried organic wines made from organic grapes and vineyards.

Bottled wine is a more trusted wine

bottled greek winesWhat is interesting is that most people consider bottled wine to be more trustworthy (44%) while only a 7,7% prefers the homemade wine.

One in two believes that homemade wine is pure and that the prices of bottled wines in restaurants and dining outlets are excessive.

Wine is a social drink

Wine is an indispensable part of celebrations and feasts, since its consumption is significantly increased during all celebrations, except for the national holidays.

Alcohol Consumption and Health

According to latest studies that took place in France, people who consume small quantities of alcohol are much healthier, in comparison with those who avoid it completely.

Specialists from the hospital of Pitier Chalpetrier in Paris discovered that most health benefits found in people consuming alcohol were indirectly associated with it. People consuming two or three glasses of alcohol per day were less stressed, were exercising more and were in a better socio-economic status.

The researchers examined more than 150,000 people in Paris. They divided them in four categories: the ones that did not drink any alcohol, the ones consuming less than 10 grams of alcohol per day (1 glass approximately), those consuming 10-30gr per day (up to half a bottle of a regular wine) and the ones consuming more than 30gr per day.

According to the results published in the «Εuropean Journal of Clinical Νutrition», men and women consuming up to 30gr of alcohol per day had a better health, with lower percentage of obesity and depression to the ones consuming large amounts or no alcohol at all.

These people also had less stress, better cardiac rhythm, lower blood pressure and higher levels of the “good” HDL cholesterol.

In any case, French scientists suggested that these new findings should not encourage excessive alcohol consumption.


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