Letters to the editor of Crete Gazette – January 2006

January 2006

Dear Editor,
I’ve been reading your CreteGazette on-line for the last year and I must say that it’s wonderful to be able to read the latest news. I was stationed on Iraklion Airbase (in Gournes) from 1988 until 1991. While there I lived in Gouves. My family visited Crete and my former landlord and his family in 2004. We visited old friends and generally enjoyed Greek island life (and the raki). Our love for Crete, it’s inhabitants, food and customs continues to this day. I thought you might like to know that many of the Air Force personnel and their families who were stationed at Iraklion Airbase continue to keep in touch and reminisce. This April we’ll celebrate the second annual Cretestock at a Greek restaurant/bar in Springfield, Virginia, USA. GI’s that played in bands while stationed on Crete reunite and play music for other GI’s and their families who were stationed on Crete. It gives people a chance to meet ex-Cretans and share their unique memories of living on an island that many in the US military called, “the best kept secret in the Air Force”.

Shadow Powers
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Dear Shadow,
Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you enjoy reading Crete Gazette every month. It is also important for me as a man of Crete, to hear you describe my island as “the best kept secret in the Air Force”.
Please inform your colleagues about the Crete Gazette as they may find it of interest as well. It would be also an interesting idea to write about your “Cretestock” meeting with a few photos and comments from people who still remember Crete with love. Is this something that you could arrange?

Yannis Samatas

Good Evening, Mr. Samatas,
In this month’s issue of the Gazette, you asked your readers to let you know of any problems encountered while visiting your site. I hate to say that the only problem I encountered is that Lou Duro is no longer the Editor or writing columns for the Gazette. I wish you much luck with this endeavor, but I seriously doubt that you will even come close to what Mr. Duro has done with the Gazette. Please don’t get me wrong, I am very sincere in wishing you the best of luck, and truly do hope that you are a success with this. As the Gazette does have quite a reputation as it is. But Mr. Duro has a unique way writing, “talking” to the reader, if you will. Getting the point across straight and forward, and not beating around the bush. He is honest, and tells it like it is. He doesn’t just write, he “talks” to you on paper. I’ve never in my life met anyone that writes like he does, envoking so much emotion from typed words on a peice of paper, be it anger, happiness or sadness. He’s sharp and informative, and quite knowledgable. I for one, will miss his writing, and to me, although I will continue reading the Gazette, it will never be the same.
Again, Mr. Samatas, best of luck to you in this new year with your new endeavor.


Dear Cara,
Thank you for your wishes for success and I can only say that Lou is an experienced journalist and a talented writer, who has promised to publish his articles occasionally on the Crete Gazette. I have enjoyed Lou’s stories in the past and I look forward to reading more of them in the future.

Yannis Samatas

Dear Editor,
Just want you to know how much we appreciate you! We are Americans living in Los Angeles but for the past 20 years stay in Crete for 2 months in the summer. We love having the sense of “touching base” with our Cretan heart and soul for the remaining 10 months through your Crete Gazette. So, many thanks, keep up the great work, and best wishes for a happy new year filled with good health and peace.

Best Regards,
Barbara and Justus Matthews

Dear Barbara and Justus,
Thank you for the New Year wishes and I am glad you enjoy reading the Crete Gazette. We have ambitious plans for the future, which means more and harder work. This is ok as long as people enjoy the results of our efforts.
Happy New Year to you and your family!
Yannis Samatas


There have been comments posted on the Crete Gazette Forum, as well as private emails and a letter from Kokkini Hani area. There have also been emails from people who are interested in joining our ‘parea’ and write articles for the Crete Gazette.

We thank you all for your support and we hope we will be able to print and distribute a quality magazine about Crete soon…

Yannis Samatas
the editor

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