Crete, March 7, 2036

March 7, 2036

By Vita Voreaki

crete futureNow I am on my way back to Kriti again after having visited my grandchild up in North Europe. Sitting here comfortable in the jet train I can see that we now have passed the Alps and soon we will enter the canal to Kriti. Funny, how things have changed. Who would have believed that we old people would have such an easy access to the Southern Islands as we have now? I can still remember when you had to fly if you wanted to go to Kriti!

And how the island has changed. On the other hand it is now almost the center of Great Europe – for most people Kriti is just an annoying stop going to Egypt or Saudi. The center of commerce, too, though the old harbour in the South of the island now is almost closed down. Too slowly to get things moved by ship now as the con-trains cover all of Great Europe. And I remember when there were golf courses on Kriti. Now you have to hop on the train to Sahara Region if you want to play golf.

I tried to read the paper, but for an oldie like me it can be difficult to understand the language. I have always hated that quick-writing! I didn’t even understand it when it was used for text messages when I was a bit younger. Text messages … yes, I remember them, too. Difficult to understand that today you just carry everything on your wrest like you once did with just a clock. Now it is phone, computer, pictures- and sound-news and so on. And good coverage on Kriti, too with the new satelite receivers they put up on Lefka Ori and in Samaria. Some years ago the coverage was best around Sitia Market Area. I wonder if they really want to expand it so it also includes Lasiti? I heard somewhere that some people had voiced-mailed directly to the European President in protest. But what can or will she do? Her roots are in Western Europe, what was once called Spain, so of course only Mallorca will be a POA (Protected Old Area).

I can see that we now enter the Mediteranian Canal, so now I have only about half an left. I hope that the Chinese workers have finished the buildings not far from where I live. My appartment on the 16th floor is simply perfect for such an oldie like me. Of course it is difficult to get use to windows from top to floor, but it has it’s advantages. I have tried to make it a bit more Kritish by painting everything inside white and blue.

I really miss a lot of the people I use to get together with. Some died manly years ago due to the bird flue (though I miss listening to birds singing) and others died during the many terrorist attacks. After all it was a good thing when Northern Africa became a part Great Europe – at least it ended those attacks here.

“European jet train will make a short stop at Kriti Crossing in a few minutes …” . My journey ends now. I might write some more later.

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