FORTH creates new robot in Crete

A new, worm-like robot that could be used in rescue and medical operations and planetary exploration is the new achievement of the Computational Vision and Robotics Laboratory of the Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH).

The new robot, named “Nereis” is female and can crawl across uneven or unstable ground like a worm thanks to its special construction. Its strategic movement is inspired by the corresponding characteristics of a family of marine invertebrates that live and move in seawater, in the mud on the seabed and in the sand on the shore.

The robotic system combines undulating changes in the shape of its articulated body with movements of its side limbs to move on solid or unstable surfaces (sand, mud, gravel, etc.) The Xenios robot can work without problems even when wet, and can operate autonomously for over 6 hours.

The new robot was presented at the FORTH booth at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition.

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