Cretan pupils learn about renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving in Cretan Schools

Teaching schoolchildren about renewable energy sources (RES) and energy saving is the main aim of the EDURES (Education and RES) programme implemented in Cretan schools. The programme is intended to educate primary and secondary school teachers and pupils through informational and educational programmes, in collaboration with the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education.

The public bodies involved are kept up to date by specialist staff, while appropriate scientific and teaching materials are created and distributed to pupils and teachers. Pupils also create relevant artwork and do experiments in order to understand the uses of RES and energy saving.

There are also excursions to innovative RES and energy-saving power stations and installations, special seminars for teaching staff, and public lectures. Participating European regions and organisations exchange views and technical know-how, creating local networks of educational authorities and other bodies. Finally, exhibitions of children’s artwork are planned in major Cretan cities, together with other events to raise awareness of the issues.

The programme, involving all the prefectures of Crete, covers 32 schools, including nursery schools, primary schools, gymnasia and one lyceum as a pilot study.

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