Organic farmers’ market in Heraklion

A farmers’ market for certified organic produce has been held in Georgiadis Park near Heraklion town centre, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the past few months. People have been flocking to the stalls displaying most forms of Cretan produce, from vegetables to wine and olive oil. Although consumer awareness is still fairly low, the market for organic produce is gradually growing.

“We want people to come into contact with organic products, taste them and see their quality”, says the President of the Organic Farmers’ Association, Thomas Fitsakis. He adds that people need to learn how they are produced, in ways completely different to conventional farming methods.

“On an organic farm, all the ecosystems work perfectly. Pests, useful insects and human all work in perfect harmony with nature. People who are aware of organic products prefer them, but many people don’t know about them yet. However, consumers are learning more and more, and many people from Heraklion come to the market in Georgiadis Park.”


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