Book on the Prehistoric Olive by Yannis Sakellarakis

Taste of a Prehistoric Olive

A new book by archaeologist Yannis Sakellarakis entitled “Taste of a Prehistoric Olive” has been published by “Ikaros”.

The book takes its title from the first of six stories by the author. When he was young, he discovered a cup full of olives in a Minoan well in Zakros Minoan Palalce, as fresh as if they had just been picked off the tree. The excavator leaves it up to us to guess whether he tried a Minoan olive.

The stories are based on Sakellarakis’ many years of excavations, his experiences and emotions triggered by various archaeological finds: a ring and a sealstone at Anemospilia, naïve and bitter thoughts from the life of the archaeologist-cum-gold-digger, the faculty of observation exercised through the tales of Agatha Christie, a comparison of police and archaeological investigation, the anonymity of prehistory, the dog in prehistory, ideas based on Othello, by Efi and Yannis Sakellarakis. Eponymous and unknown characters, hidden sides and details of the excavations that influenced the author’s way of thought and life.

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