Heavy fines under new Greek Highway Code

On 3 June the new Highway Code came into effect in the whole of Greece including Crete. Its main feature is heavy fines running into hundreds of euros for traffic regulation violators.

The philosophy of the new Highway Code is to reduce traffic accidents. Low fines in the past have had little effect, as we can see from the scores of deaths on the roads (54 fatalities in Crete in the first 5 months of 2007 alone).

The new fines will be imposed on any driver caught breaking the Highway Code. The fine is halved if paid within one week, otherwise the full amount is charged and entered on the tax returns. The point system also applies, leading to loss of the driver’s licence and number plates for a long time. A driver who collects 25 points is banned for life. Your licence can also be removed if you are caught breaking the Code again within two years of the previous offence.

Take a look at the new fines and consider whether is would be cheaper to sell your car and use a bus or taxi…

  • Vehicle with no number plates: up to 5300 €
  • Going through red lights: 700€
  • Not stopping at a STOP sign: 700€
  • Crossing a double white line: 700€
  • Illegal parking on the national road: 700 €
  • Driver not wearing a safety belt: 350€
  • Passengers not wearing a safety belt: 350€ each. If the driver is wearing his, he pays 80 € for not making his passengers obey the law.
  • Motorbike driver not wearing a helmet: 350€
  • Motorbike passenger not wearing a helmet: 350€. If the driver is wearing his, he pays 80 € for not making his passenger obey the law.
  • Vehicle with no MOT: 400€
  • Driver talking on his mobile phone: 100€. You are only allowed to talk on your mobile using Bluetooth.
  • Driver enjoying hanky-panky with glamorous passenger: 200€

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  1. Hi iv recently been in Greece and i gt done with dangerous driving and no helmet im back in uk and im wondering what my fait is or how do i go about this fine


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