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cheap car hireCheap Car Hire in Crete is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, who visit the island for their summer vacation. Indeed, we are all looking for the best services, preferably spending the least possible money. Have we ever considered, though, that this could be affecting the services provided?

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to find cheap car hire in Crete; internet eliminates geographical barriers and brings you all online car hire companies in Crete.

Due to internet you can check the prices, ask for quotes and offers, compare prices and services and choose the agency that seems more dependable and professional.

Especially when it comes to professionalism, though, you cannot have a complete picture just from the internet; however, if you stumble upon a well appointed website of a company that gives you prompt, detailed and full answers to your emails, you will most likely consider that this company takes particular interest in its image and customer service.

Is cheap car hire always good?

What happens, though, when you are looking for cheap car hire in Crete? Is it possible that sometimes, the pressure imposed by potential clients can make companies start on an unfair competition that will compromise the standards of the offered services?

How can a company reduce prices in car rentals, without derogating service, car maintenance, or skipping replacing old cars and abiding by laws?

Recently, there was an interesting case regarding a big car hire agency in Crete, which tried to keep up with the competition taking illegal actions. This company, in an obvious panic due to the recession, had more than 50 car rentals in the market with false plates and no insurance.
This company managed, indeed, to offer very cheap car rentals; maybe one of you would choose it due to low prices, considering yourself both lucky and smart. After all finding such a bargain online after a small research is not bad, is it?

What would happen, though, in the case of a collision, an accident while driving an uninsured car? Have you considered that this would put you in trouble that would waste your valuable time and would make the initially cheap rental a very expensive and inexpedient choice?

This example may sound a bit too much, but it did happen. We agree though, that most car rental agencies in Crete do not implement such practices and are very dependable and law respecting companies.

Nevertheless, everyone is some sort of businessmen trying to run with a very competitive market. As clients demand cheaper prices in car hire in Crete, some of them might be tempted to meet these demands and offer cheap prices; it is most likely though that dirt cheap prices will come with shady practices, as the companies will try to find ways to reduce cost, weakening quality.

In Crete we have a saying; it’s not very elegant, but it’s true: “The cheap meat is given to the dogs”. Is it may be time to stop chasing dirt cheap car hire in Crete and emphasize on quality services?

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