Medical motorboat in Sfakia area in Crete

Medical Help For Urgent Cases in Sfakia area in Crete

medical motorboat in sfakia
Medical Motorboat in Hora Sfakion

A medical motorboat was donated to the Municipality of Sfakia by the Union of Sfakians living in Athens.

Now the residents and visitors to the area of Sfakia in Crete have an additional and important reason to feel safer.

Sfakia is a region of particular morphology, featuring steep and large mountains that prohibit the hassle free and fast connection of the area with the rest of the island.

The coastal towns of Loutro, Likos (or Lykos) and Agia Roumeli are only accessible by boat from Chora Sfakion or Paleochora, as the construction of a road is impossible due to the many high mountains and canyons in this area in south-western Crete.

This has been a source of numerous frustrations for the locals and visitors who were in urgent need of medical help throughout the years. Since the State did not take any measures to bring relief to the residents, the active and thoughtful members of the Sfakians Union, who managed to buy – with personal expenses and the help of sponsors – a well appointed and fully equipped motorboat, that can transfer two patients.

The motorboat is now at the Municipality’s disposal and was introduced a few days ago during a special ceremony that took place at the little harbor of Hora Sfakion.

The Medical Motorboat “Doxa”

Ceremony in Hora Sfakion
Ceremony in Hora Sfakion

The medical boat arrived to the port accompanied by other motorboats that travelled from Piraeus, after visiting the island of Kythira and the town of Paleochora in Chania.

The new medical boat is named “Doxa” after a physician, whose dream and efforts came true with this boat.

Numerous officials, politicians and residents participated in the inauguration and ceremony. The Mayor of Sfakia, Mr. Sifis Lykos, denoted that both the ambulance and a local medical centre were also donated by people who come from this remote town, a fact that proves that individuals and residents set the public health and care as their first priority.

The representatives of the Sfakians Union indicated that their efforts were successful and the initial goal was accomplished due to the contributions of many people who want to help as much as they can in order to see their hometown upgraded and equipped with the latest medical equipment. The goal of people whose origins are found in Sfakia is to enhance and ameliorate the standards and conditions of life for the residents providing them the means that would optimize the health care for the locals.

The motorboat is an all-weather vessel that can be used in southern Crete, from Hora Sfakion to Paleochora or Gavdos. It is very well equipped and features elements and specifications that allow it to travel during night hours under all conditions; it features two stretchers and lakeside carts for patients, ensuring that they remain in stable condition during their transport. The boat has two engines of 250hp.

The Municipality of Sfakia is now in charge with the maintenance and use of this boat that is expected to give plausible and effective solutions to the urgent medical needs of the locals, who have been suffering from the lack of a well organized medical centre.

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