Crete beaches through the eyes of a child

The beaches of Crete through the eyes of Kleo, a 10-year-old child.

beaches in creteThe beaches in Crete are popular with many people including visitors from mainland Greece, other countries and Cretan residents.  Some people swim all year around.  Many swim from May to November.  Some are only able to swim for a week or two during a vacation.

You can find warm waters in the Cretan Sea on beaches next to the northern coast and the cool waters of the Libyan Sea on the southern coast.  There is a beach to fit each of your moods.  Here is a link to help you find the beach that fits your needs as well as other tips for Cretan beaches.

Swimming and Making Friends in Crete

crete beachesYou can hear the waves splashing on the ground.  You can see the people swimming and laughing.  You can smell the food there.  Don’t the donuts smell good?  You feel a trickle of water, someone is splashing you!  You splash back.  You end up being friends and have a great time together.

Have you ever been to Greece?  If so have you been to the sea?  Greece is located in the Aegean Sea.  And if you go on a tall mountain then you can see for miles and miles away.  And sometimes you can see your house.  When we visit Greece we go to Chania in Crete.

When you go to the sea there is usually a snack bar on the beach.  There are a bunch of different kinds of food they sell.  One food the kids like the most are the giant donuts.  They are so big that a baby’s head could fit through the hole!  There are also sodas there.  Also they sell ice cream.  But not the kind that you scoop out, they sell the “Already Made Kind.”  They also sell nachos, sandwiches and chips. Some of the cantinas make breakfast and lunch.

The people at the sea are usually doing 1 of 4 different things.  Swimming, tanning, eating or taking a walk.  That’s usually what the people are doing.  When you go to the beach you see a lot of people who like having fun.

There are a bunch of games kids like to play in the ocean.  One of the games you play with 4 people.  There are 2 teams (1 team is with 2 people and the other team is with 2 people.)  One person gets on another person’s shoulders and the two people on the other people’s shoulders have a fight and try to make the other person fall into the water.

As many kids as you want can play the second game.  But for this game you have to have snorkels.  When you’ve put on the snorkels you try to tickle as many people as you can underwater and the person who tickled the most people without getting caught is the Winner!  It’s really fun when one person watches to see the face the “Victim” makes!  That’ll give you a laugh!

So the next time you’re in Crete at the beach you and your friends can try these games.  Or if you have a school project to do about Crete, here you are, you can use this information about the sea!

Remember.  When the sun goes down and the sky is smeared with red, orange, yellow and pink; when you go home after a fun time at the beach, hopefully you will have played my games.

by Kleo Nikolaidis

(Kleo wrote this when she was 10 years old.  She and her family now live in Crete.  She and her sister try to swim every day of summer!)

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