Warnings for travelers to Crete

road signs in CreteCrete is a beautiful island and ideal for vacation under the sun or in its lovely beaches; however, as in any place, there are problems here as well. We consider it proper to warn you about the problems on time, so that you can avoid them and thus, enjoy your vacation even more.

You see, we don’t belong to this group of closed-minded people who believe that the problems should be hidden in order to avoid defaming the island. On the contrary, we believe that informed tourists are satisfied tourists, because first of all they see that we try to be sincere to them and second because they will know how to avoid the pitfalls and therefore, enjoy their holidays in Crete even more.

For this purpose, on the forum of Crete Gazette we will publish useful information and warnings for travelers in Crete.

In all our Crete forums you are more than welcome to write your messages, once you become a member. Registration is free but obligatory, because we want to avoid the annoying spam messages.

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