Event for Georgalidika Horses in Kissamos

georgalidika horses in kissamosMany people had recently the chance to attend the festival with Georgalidika horses in Kissamos, organized by the Association of Friends of Georgalidika Horses in Western Crete, called “Kissamitika”.

The attendants admired the horses with the particular gallop and other types of horses from different areas of the island.

This year, the fourth consecutive year that the event takes place, the festival was enhanced as it took place in a specially shaped area at Korfalonas in the Municipality of Mithimna. The event was sponsored by the Co-Operative Bank of Chania and the attendants were able to watch the show of the horses.

“We are organizing this event once more with participants from the entire island of Crete. The last years there is an effort to revive the Georgalidika festival, as the number of horses has significantly increased”, said the vice president of the Association.

Georgalidika horses are found in Crete and they are rather perky and energetic animals. The main characteristic of the Georgalidika horses is that they practically do not gallop like other horses, but they run smoothly allowing an inexperienced rider to stay on the saddle easily.

There were many women among the participants this year, as well as small kids. At the end of the event there was a lottery of a female mare to a lucky participant.

georgalidika horses event in kissamos

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  1. Pity we didn’t know about this horse show before time. I don’t remember seeing anything about it in the last Crete Gazette.


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