Italian Sailing Ship Americo Vespucci in Heraklion Port

americo vesoucci italian sailing shipOne of the most beautiful and bigger sailing ships in the world, the pride of the Italian Navy, arrived at the Heraklion Port. We are referring to the sailing ship Americo Vespucci, which is currently used as an instructional ship at the naval cadet schools of Italy.

This sailing ship has been traveling around the world as an ambassador of arts, culture and the naval tradition of Italy.

Americo Vespucci included Greece as the last stop of its long instructional trip that brought it to the harbors of France, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Tunis and Turkey.

The ship touched the Heraklion port for the first time and stayed there for 5 days, from the 5th to the 9th of September, giving the chance to the residents of the city to visit it and admire it.

The captain of the sailing ship visited the civil and army officials of Heraklion, denoting the worldwide famous Cretan hospitality.

The base of the sailing ship is the port of Livorno. The building order was given in 1925 along with another instructional ship, Christopher Columbus. In 1931 Americo Vespucci began its trips and except for the period of the Second World War it has been continuously in use till today.

The majority of its trips take place in Europe, but it has travelled to America and the Pacific Ocean. In 2002 it managed to make the world tour. Its sails cover an area of 2,800sqm and features three masts with the central one being 54m.

italian sailing ship in heraklion port
The Italian Sailing Ship Americo Vespucci in Heraklion Port

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