a picture from Crete with man holding the setting sun in his hands

A selection of pictures with beautiful sunsets in Crete and settings showing the Cretan sky.


traditional village

Ecotourism and traditional guest houses in Crete and Greece have become popular recently. Ecotourism helps the environment and supports the locals, however the high prices for accommodation in traditional guest houses and hotels in Greece is not according to the spirit of ecotourism


Pan - European Day of Birds in Crete, the day of birds was celebrated at Lake Bramiana near Ierapetra and at Lake Agia close to Chania


7th Casa dei Mezzo music festival in Makry Gialos Crete 24 –29 June 2010, an international music festival of classical and Greek music

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Gemista recipe is a popular Greek recipe, yemista or gemista means stuffed tomatoes and stuffed vegetables, a healthy vegetarian Greek dish