Gardening in Crete in October

A friend of mine, a novice gardener, spent some hours at the garden centre confused by the vast array of plants on offer. At...

Quality of Drinks in Crete

AND 'THE BEAT'... (as in beating the customers) GOES ON AND ON AND... After continued complaints from Athenians about their drinks not tasting right, and...

Concert of Cretan Music by Vassilis Stavrakakis

It was one of the hotter summer nights of July when I left Heraklion "boiling" at 31C and took the road for the inner...

Stellamara concert in Labyrinth in Crete

Stellamara concert in Labyrinth in Houdetsi in Crete

Around Crete in 50 days

Ivan's walk around Crete in 50 days to help the stray dogs of Crete

Real Estate Agents in Crete

post for house for sale
real estate agents have sprung up in the last few years in Crete because many foreigners have decided to live in Crete

Painting courses in Crete by Frieda Lardinois

MY CRETAN ADVENTURE: JUST PICTURE-PERFECT! By Frieda LardinoisMy Cretan adventure begins in 2001 in the South of the island. Totally burned out from my hectic...

Marlene’s Recipe for Baked fish in tomato sauce

fish with tomato sauce
BAKED FISH IN TOMATO SAUCE Take a few fillets of fish - fresh is best but frozen works well too - mackerel or cod, for...

Crete, the taka-taka syndrome

Taka-taka is an expression in Crete and it means do it as fast as possible

Remembering Britain: see what you’re missing

Remembering Britain: see what you're missing in Crete

The waters of the beaches of Crete are the best

beach in crete
The waters of the beaches of Crete are of excellent quality, among the best in Europe, according to an annual report issued recently by the European Commission on the quality of EU waters

Adjusting to living in Crete

If you want to adjust to life in Crete easier, follow the rules written by Renie Spikerman with lots of humour

Made in Greece? You “feta” believe it

The origin of Greek feta cheese, white cheese is not Greek feta cheese

The Joy of Christmas

The joy of Christmas is a story about how holidays like Christmas make the happy people even happier and the unhappy ones even more miserable

Tobruk beach in Heraklion

HAS TOBRUK BEACH BEEN EXTENDED? By Martin Coates". . . Crete , with its miles of unspoilt and secluded beaches . . ."I must...

Polluted beaches in Gournes

Polluted beaches in the former American Base in Gournes, Crete

Buying Property in Crete, a real estate agent’s view

UBERRIMAE FIDAE: AN ESTATE AGENT RESPONDS By Abbe Karavitis As a real estate agent in Makrigialos Crete, I can appreciate the views...

Mexican Pork Fillets

Fusion cooking, the art of mixing ingredients and preparation styles from different countries and cultures into a uniquely flavourful dish, has been spreading across the globe like wildfire

Gardening in Crete: Christmas Plants

Plants for Christmas, Cyclamen, Christmas cactus, Poinsettia